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Services at these facilities include demolition and construction debris. Examples of these materials are building, road, bridge construction waste, dimensional lumber, brick, block, concrete, cardboard & metal studding.

We accept asphalt roofing shingles as well as construction debris that are forthcoming from residential remodeling projects.

Currently, roofing shingles are accepted at a discount rate.

Some waste is unacceptable. We do accept tires and matresses, but the customer will incur additional costs. Please call your local C&D Recovery for details.

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C&D Processes materials at each location. We have a team of dedicated professionals that evaluate, sort through and dispose of the debris. C&D Recovery 1 & 2 works with local businesses to dispose of incoming materials.

C&D Recovery recycles many materials that can be reused. Examples of these materials include but are not limited to metals, dimensional lumber, brick, block & concrete, cardboard, and asphalt products. Examples of materials that C&D Recovery does not accept or recycle includes hazardous waste, controlled substances, infectious waste, solid waste, industrial waste, liquid waste, automobiles, tanks, drums, asbestos, contaminated soils, shredded debris and residential trash.

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Our commingled single stream recycling program is simple, effective and easy to use and eliminates the need for multiple containers to be placed on your project or jobsite to separate material. Whether you are trying to achieve silver or gold rating, or you need to comply with government requirements, C&D can assure its customers that we are on board and understand their waste disposal and recycling service goal requirements. To date we have assisted clients in the Greater Washington Area with great success.

Our Rates

$81 / ton

$81.00 per ton for shingles


Note that these charges vary and are subject to change.


$81 / ton

$70.00 per ton for shingles

Note that these charges vary and are subject to change.

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